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Inside the July 6, 2020, Issue of National Review

The July 6 issue of National Review is off the presses and in the mail. Admittedly, it might take a bit to find its way to your mailbox — which is not a problem encountered by anyone with an NRPLUS membership. Those kinds of folks will be able to avoid any article-volume strictures and read the entire contents of this issue (and every issue since 2009 in our archives) right now. If you were in the frame of mind to ask, “Which four articles would you recommend from the July 6th issue?,” well, we’d say of course that every piece was worth your attention, but here are four that will light your firecrackers: Jerry Hendrix writes of the U.S. military’s need to come up with a better design for our aircraft carriers (and other weapons and strategic systems); Ramesh Ponnuru and Michael Strain tag-team to explain why President Trump’s Red China tariffs aren’t working; in the face of the riots and madness in America’s streets, David Harsanyi shows that the Second Amendment’s popularity is on the rise; and Kyle Smith profiles the de facto religiosity of the woke white-guilt cult. How about a bonus suggestion? Acclaimed author and playwright David Mamet has fun at the expense of executives — the film-industry type, and the political type, too.

One more thing: Do read the issue’s “The Week” section, especially the lead editorial, Cancellation Nation.


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