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Inside the June 22, 2020, Issue

The new issue of National Review is now available to all NRPLUS readers, and some of its contents may still be available to those who have yet to exhaust their monthly free-reads of America’s premier conservative journal. If that means you, well, you should pray that you have one of those freebies to read the consequential, dozen-page report by Nicholas Eberstadt and Daniel Blumenthal, “China Unquarantined,” in which the authors explore the threats to the international system posed by Communist China, a major and ill-intentioned power, sadly made so by the U.S. It’s a must-read essay.

Elsewhere in the issue, there are gems from the Table of Contents through the “Happy Warrior” column (in this issue, Heather Wilhelm’s prepping admission), but let’s take this opportunity to recommend Jay Nordlinger’s extensive first-hand account of riding out lockdowns and riots in New York City (James Lilek’s “Athwart” column recounts the same, albeit from Minneapolis, with the usual bite and touch of sarcasm), Daniel J. Mahoney’s review of the new American Conservatism collection, and Charlie Cooke’s free-speech defense of Section 230.

There’s not a single word you will want to miss. And do you know what? You could be reading all of the words right now. No waiting for the USPS to get the old paper-and-ink to you in a week or so (nothing wrong with that of course). To read the new issue, and to get access to the NR archives (each and every issue from the last decade and then some, plus a mostly ad-free experience on NRO, amongst other benefits), get that NRPLUS membership going. Do that right here, and why not right now.


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