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Inside the March 22, 2021, Issue of National Review

That Uncle Sam I am graces the new issue of National Review.

What he’s doing on the cover is highlighting Dan McLaughlin’s important essay (“How to Secure Elections”) on voting reforms that make sense at the state and federal levels. It’s one of a handful of pieces from the new issue, this one bearing the date March 22, 2021, that we heartily recommend, acknowledging that the entire contents, from even the Table of Contents to Heather Wilhelm’s back-page “Happy Warrior” column (it’s about the  Zoomers rebelling), is worth your while.

Here are four other whistle-wetters: Terry Teachout’s review of a troubling new biography of novelist Graham Greene, Marian Tupy’s assessment of the inherent flaws in the “income equality” argument, Kevin Williamson’s piece assigning blame over the recent Texas blackouts, and Douglas Murray’s report on efforts in the U.K. to counter the enemies of academic freedom.

This and more — including the archives of NR (back to 2009), and the daily and voluminous dose of exclusive content published on NR’s terrific website — are to be had without reservation or impediment (i.e., no paywall or free-article limits) if you are an NRPLUS member.

You’re not? Correct that, right here and now, to begin enjoying, pronto, the new issue, and so much more.


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