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Inside the March 8, 2021, Issue of National Review

The March 8, 2021, issue of your favorite conservative fortnightly is off the presses and winding its way through the postal system. Alas, it will take days to arrive. But for NRPLUS members, there is an immediacy — complete and unimpeded — to the brilliance between its covers. All of the new issue’s content is accessible to anyone, though the paywall will limit your trips to the buffet. More on that shortly. Right now, as is the fashion, we recommend a few worthwhile pieces to examine, commencing with the cover essay on the descent of Minneapolis by Kevin Williamson. Other selections are Bing West’s analysis of why the U.S. has failed to win wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, Robert VerBruggen’s takedown of the risky idea of minimum-wage hikes, Ramesh Ponnuru’s consideration of Mitt Romney’s family tax-relief plan, and Sarah Ruden’s essay in defense of the classics. One more: Michael Brendan Dougherty reviews Boomers: The Men and Women Who Promised Freedom and Delivered Disaster (written by our old NR colleague, Helen Andrews).

About that aforementioned paywall, and avoiding it: Since we’re making recommendations, we urge you to start your NRPLUS membership. There are many benefits (less ads, exclusive events, etc.), but surely its greatest attribute is complete access to all NR content (including our copious online archives, stretching back to 2009).


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