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Inside the May 17, 2021, Issue of National Review

Whenever and for whatever Christopher Caldwell pens an essay — as he has done for the brand new May 17, 2021, issue of your favorite conservative fortnightly — it’s time to put aside what you’re doing and read the darned thing. Here’s the link.

Can’t read it? You’ve exceeded your freebie-article limit? Rats! If that is the case there is a remedy — subscribing to NRPLUS. Done here (affordably, and with immediate results and benefits, including access to over a decade of NR magazine material). Problem — solved!

Back to the new issue. Along with the Caldwell essay (which takes on the creeping-segregation consequence of progressive and “equity” racial ideology) is a bevy of wisdom, of which we will suggest a bunch of additional pieces: Andrew McCarthy analyzes the application of due process to beleaguered police officers, Douglas Murray heckles those comedians who moonlight as ethicists, Nick Eberstadt considers the ways in which President Biden can ratchet down tensions with North Korea, Jay Nordlinger tunes in Radio Free Asia, Ramesh Ponnuru finds Joe Biden learning from Barack Obama’s mistakes, and in the back of the magazine, Madeleine Kearns (on Dolly Parton) and Allen Guelzo (on John Foster Dulles) offer excellent book reviews, while David Mamet looks into the role of bullying in the slippery slope to cultural enslavement.

All else in the issue is most worth your attention, so get yourself that NRPLUS digital membership right now!


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