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Inside the October 14, 2019, Issue

In another special issue of your favorite magazine, National Review editors have assembled ten big pieces exposing presidential hopeful Elizabeth “I’ve Got a Plan for That” Warren’s penchant for tossing out schemes that would progressively remake America while spending trillions to do it. The undertaking begins with an essay by Kyle Smith, who profiles “The Cherokee from Outer Space” and her “oleaginous, changeling habit of cycling through one persona after another,” which is followed by Kevin Williamson’s take on Warren’s jihad against payday lending (read it here). Elsewhere in the issue, Ramesh Ponnuru investigates and calculates the cost of Warren’s proposal to increase monthly Social Security benefits (read it here), while Veronique de Rugy does the same to Warren’s French-inspired wealth tax (read it here). One more suggestion: Preston Cooper tears into Warren’s misguided plan to cancel college student debt (it’s one of her cheaper efforts: the price tag is only $955 billion).

Fret not: Sure it’s a special issue, but all those beloved National Review regular features — The Week, Happy Warrior, and Books, Arts & Manners and all your favorite columnists (Lileks, Long, Brookhiser, Wilhelm) — are still between the covers. All of the magazine’s contents can be read right now by those with the sense to be NRPLUS members. Not a member? Well, we let you read some of the exceptional wisdom our writers produce for our NRPLUS readers, but before you know it you’ll have run out of freebies. Maybe that’s already happened to you this month? Tsk tsk. You can fix that: Become an NRPLUS member here.

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