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Inside the September 21, 2020, Issue of National Review

As America enters the home stretch of a dramatic presidential campaign, the cover of the September 21, 2020, issue of your favorite magazine features a timely and typically classic Roman Genn work of art, displaying “Wrong Way” Joe Biden, who just so happens to be the subject of Kyle Smith’s lead essay. Do read it. Desiring a few other recommendations of NR brilliance? Admitting up front that everything in the issue — from the initial wisecrack in The Week (“Jerry Falwell Jr. got a $10.5 million severance from Liberty, payable in a golden calf.”) to David Harsanyi’s terrific “Happy Warrior” column (this one, not so happy, decries the “abhorrently misleading” American history being taught in our schools) — is worth your attention, here are three other suggestions: Jimmy Quinn’s article demanding that Red China’s genocide of the Uyghur people be called just that, a genocide; Michael J. Lewis’s essay addressing the question “Have we lost the art of making fine public spaces?”; and Vincent Cannato’s review of what looks like an excellent history, David Paul Kuhn’s The Hardhat Riot: Nixon, New York City, and the Dawn of the White Working-Class Revolution.

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