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An Inspirational Island

I had some notes about Nantucket yesterday, and emitted a little smirk about limericks. (Boys will be boys, as Reagan said, when learning of the Israeli raid on the Iraqi nuclear reactor.) A reader writes, “You’ve inspired me to share with you a limerick that I composed a couple of years ago. It features the word ‘Nantucket’ and is totally clean.” Here ’tis:

Once anchored not far off Nantucket

Was a ship that would roll like a bucket

As it projected a light,

Through prisms made bright,

’Cross a shoal, so that sailors could duck it.

Shaw, I believe, said there were two kinds of limericks: dirty and bad. It’s not necessarily true. Maybe I’ll offer a few from my repertory in a future column. (Or maybe not? There is the War on Terror to think about. Or what is our president calling it now?)