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Dusty Rhodes

The Bradley Prize ceremony in Washington this week brought to mind, as it always does, our former colleague, the late Thomas L. “Dusty” Rhodes. He left us last year: We’re confident this wonderful man enjoys God’s glory.

Dusty had been the chairman of Bradley’s board, and the prize was an idea he hatched. A financial wise man who had made a great career at Goldman Sachs, Dusty had other things he wanted to do on behalf of his principles. He famously told Bill Buckley three decades ago: “I want to fight socialism.” And so he parted with Wall Street and came to NR to do just that: to fight socialism (and to solidify NR’s business, so it could continue to place that two-by-four squarely upside the Left’s head).

Reminding all, ourselves too, that we need to intensify our efforts against socialism, is part of the rationale to NR’s current 2019 Spring Webathon. As you know, socialism has become cool again — no surprise, given who controls academia — but we are fixing to bring the temperature way up. We can and will, but only with you. Plenty of you have responded to NR’s appeal, but plenty more (many plenty) who know they should be giving, and who want to give, really need to do that. Heck, we’re just a fifth of the way towards our goal of $175,000. We need (well, we kindly request and hope) many more people to, as they say, step up. Like these fine folks who have contributed in the past few days, and shared words of encouragement:

 Vernon put $100 into the tip jar, and at the same time gave a simple order: “Stand fast against the attempts to curtail our freedoms.” Standing fast while we stand athwart. Thanks V-Man.

 Scott contributed a sawbuck, and called out the ideology in our crosshairs: “Socialism is a scourge upon mankind. I’ll take personal property, personal responsibility, and freedom from government control over any ‘ism’ invented by the left.”

 Jay added a few zeros to that — he donates $1,000. Zounds! “Keep America Strong. Never give up, and never surrender! My family is counting on you.” Thanks Jay. Assure the family, and tell them we too are familiar with and fans of Galaxy Quest!

 Mary sends NR 20 bucks but shares a sense of shame: “In memory of William F Buckley, long a hero of mine. Wish I could send more but am a senior on very limited income. Keep the faith!” Keeping! And you’ll never know just how much this means to us. Love you!

 And then there is Ann, who tenders us $50, and reveals fears that we fear are feared by many: “I wish I could give more, because I believe in all you saying. The left scares me to death, I don’t worry so much for myself, I am getting on years but the sons I leave behind.

 One more: Steve. Along with his $50 comes this statement, worthy of a conservative fortune cookie: “persistence and determination are omnipotent . . .” God, who knows something about omnipotence, agrees. Me too. Thanks kindly.

Be inspired by Steve’s thought, because that’s how we will prevail. With “we” including you all and we all. If you need further inspiration, check out the new issue of NR. It’s the first of a two-part tandem of special issues that defend free markets and clobber socialism. So can you give Scott’s sawbuck, Mary’s 20, Ann’s 50? Could you stretch and do Vernon’s C-Note? And somebody reading this right now knows he can do, and wants to do, what Jay did with his contribution of a grand. Help us get to our goal of $175,000 so we can provide socialism with a round-the-clock beatdown: You can donate here. Or if you want to contribute via check, make one payable to “National Review” and mail it to National Review, ATTN: Spring 2019 Webathon, 19 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036. Thanks terribly much.

As about Dusty: We remain inspired by his simple but consequential objective. If you’re interested in knowing a bit more about this special man, do consider reading our formal editorial remembrance, or the terrific symposium we published that gives insight into the life of a great conservative.

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