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Intentions, Inadvertent

So, the New York Times has reversed itself and declared that intent does matter when uttering racial slurs like the n-word.

Which is weird, because it was precisely the “intent-doesn’t-matter” standard that was used to justify ending the career of one of its longest-tenured reporters, working on the most important beat.

Also, the Times explained that its reporter, Nikole Hannah-Jones, had doxxed Free Beacon reporter Aaron Sibarium in an “inadvertent” way, despite the fact that she had been joking about it on Twitter. Doxxing of this type is against the Times’ own rules.

I’m concerned that causality is not understood by the paper of record.

To me, it looks like the papers’ editors have no idea what it is safe for them to do or think on any given day, and that some star reporters can do whatever the hell they like.


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