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Interesting Email

From Marysville, Ohio:


I think you missed the point of the story of Jebediah Springfield and Shelbyville Manhattan and pretty much ruined a great opening to another column. What you have here is two people united for a cause for two seperate reasons. Eventually the motives had to come out or at least the differences were bound to appear. This is kind of along the lines of the emails you’ve been bombarded with about suddenly becoming the “enemy” by some for saying the right is losing the culture wars. The reality is that even though you may have traveled the same path and arrived at the same location, you’re not quite on the same page. Or at the very least you’re on different paragraphs. Maybe you could use the story of Marge refusing to call Michangelo’s David pornographic and outraging her fellow crusaders instead.

As far as the “ick” factor goes, stick to your guns (as if I had to tell you to). We don’t eat horses, dogs or cats here. As far as I know they pose no health threat (unlike cannibalism which I’m told can pass on a few not so nice things). It’s just, well… gross. As fat and juicy as I’m sure my black lab Aubrey is, I have no intention of eating her any time soon no matter how hungry I get. A) she’s a dog. B) she’s family. Double ick.


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