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My syndicated column has generated more anti-Semitism, death threats, etc. than anything I’ve written in a long time. You never know if it’s because a link was posted on a particularly vile website. But I got quite a few like the one below. I particularly like the fact that he credits Saddam’s word in a Dan Rather interview as all the proof we needed (I’ve added the asterisks, obviously):

Saddam told Dan Rather to his face on TV he didn’t have WMDs and wasn’t a threat. Bush said he had all kinds. Saddam offered to debate Bush by satelite and Bush chickened out. Saddam is the only one who told the truth. Bush and all his loser scumbags lied their f***ing asses off.

Oh yeah, it was the Bush admin and you scumbag jews who CAUSED 9/11 and killed 3,000 of our own people… just to go to illegal war. You’re going to be tortured in hell forever… after I rip your f***ing head off and s**t down your f***ing neck. Millions of us know the truth and you are going to hang!!!!


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