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Interesting Re Npr

Dear K-Lo,

I just found out this morning that an interview my wife and I did on gay “marriage” will be aired this afternoon on All Things Considered on NPR. I draw this to your attention because we were both very surprised to find that the default position for many of the people there was not favorable to gay “marriage”. Yes, at NPR. We are only a small part of a half-hour special report, but it may be interesting to see how this report comes down on the issue, given the position of those involved in the editorial process. If it strongly favors gay “marriage” or at least gives an impression in that direction, that would run counter to what we discovered.

Keep up the good work.

One more thing: My area of teaching doesn’t allow it, but have you pushed to get Legacy assigned for college classes. I know there are other Political Scientists reading NRO. How about targeting them?



Geoffrey M. Vaughan, D.Phil.

Assistant Professor

Department of Political Science

University of Maryland


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