The Corner

Intimidated by The Sandwich Lady

I just ran to get a sandwich at Cosi and noticed a young man in front of me holding a Bush/Cheney sign. A refreshing sight on the Hill. When the woman behind the counter spitefully asked, “You’re voting for Bush?” the young man replied, “Hey, I’m just holding the sign.” My order came next and I said…”T.B.M. please….and actually I’m voting for Bush.”

This little incident made me wonder….how many Bush voters are intimidated by people like the sandwich lady? The Democrats urge candidates to report any voter intimidation by the GOP at the voting booth (whether it be true or not). It’s sad that Republicans coping with the intimidation we encounter in daily life resort to “just holding the sign.”

My hope is that these closet Bushies will take their little signs to the voting booth and let “W” keep American citizens safe for four more years…even the sandwich lady.