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Introducing Capital Matters

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It’s not exactly a new phenomenon that free markets are under political and intellectual assault, but with even the so-called moderate Democratic presidential candidate hammering out his agenda with a socialist and even elements of the Right turning on markets, the fight is more intense than it has been in decades. It’s in this context that NR and the National Review Institute are launching Capital Matters, a joint project to defend, explain, and evangelize for market economics. The initiative is headed by our friend and colleague Andrew Stuttaford, a veteran of the financial world and a long-time NR contributor. You’ll notice NRCM pieces popping up on the homepage, and there’s a new landing page exclusively for this content. Some of the biggest names in conservative economics will be contributing and NRCM will cover the gamut, from business and finance, to monetary and fiscal policy. As the project develops, there will be a morning newsletter and podcast, among other things. We hope you check it out and make the NRCM page a daily destination. As the socialists attack markets and many on the right lose their appetite for defending them, NRCM will happily stand in the breach.


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