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Introducing the Earmark Transparency Pledge

In response to the Democrats’ inability to enforce their own earmark disclosure rules (until it’s too late to make any difference, anyway), Americans For Prosperity is circulating a new earmark transparency pledge on Capitol Hill:

I, __________________________________ (Member of Congress) do hereby pledge in the spirit of transparency and reform that effective immediately I will voluntarily post on my official Congressional website a regularly updated list of every earmark and/or targeted tax benefit that I request. 

I pledge to include the name and address/location of the project or entity, the amount of funding requested, the name of the committee or subcommittee to which I have submitted the request, the purpose of the earmark, and certification that neither I nor my spouse have a financial interest in the funding, as required by the earmark reforms adopted on Jan. 5, 2007. 

It’s a good effort that’s designed to embarrass the worst abusers of the process, but I get the feeling that the only members who’ll sign the pledge are the ones who don’t have much to disclose.

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