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Introducing the Political Beats Podcast

I’m pleased to announce a new addition to NR’s rapidly growing podcast lineup. It’s called Political Beats, and it has at its heart a simple question: “Forget politics, what’s your favorite band?” Each week, Scot Bertram and Jeff Blehar will interview a figure from the world of politics about their favorite band or musical artist. This week, that figure was RealClearPolitics’s Sean Trende, who, it seems, is somewhat obsessed with Van Halen. You can find the show here.

As with our other podcasts, Political Beats will be available to stream on NRO each week, but it would be much easier for you if you subscribe to the feed on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or TuneIn, and have the new episodes automatically download to your phone, tablet, or computer. And, if you like it, please do leave us a review.

Next week, Scot and Jeff will be joined by Bob Costa of the Washington Post and Washington Week.