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Nick Cohen is a British journalist, a man of the Left, and absolutely clear-eyed about the “jihad” and related problems faced by the West. In Part II of my “Oslo Journal” today, I say that he and Paul Berman should not be allowed to ride on the same airplane. How many other liberals or lefties are there like them?

I was echoing an old joke, told in NR maybe 25 years ago: “Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams should not be allowed to fly on the same airplane.” Both, of course, are black free-market economists (and old friends). I am now reminded of something I once wrote about Sowell, at the end of a book review (I think): “Maybe Sowell shouldn’t be allowed to fly at all.”

Anyway, the man’s latest column, up on our homepage, is here. Solzhenitsyn used to get letters from all over the Soviet Union saying, “Please look after your health, Aleksandr Isayevich.” America’s problems today aren’t as severe as all that, needless to say. I don’t mean to put up a false equivalence. Still: Look after your health, Tom, and thank you. 


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