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Iowa – Report From The Front

From a reader:


Some data points to consider.

Wife and I (with 3 kids) live in Republican strong suburb of Des Moines.

Both of us are Registered Republicans and I was a candidate for state-wide office 2 years ago.

I have already voted, wife has not.

Wife volunteered for 72 hour program. They have not called her to do anything yet.

We have received 3 or 4 recorded calls to make sure and vote.

Saturday, a single BC04 volunteer stopped at our house to remind us to vote and handed us a BC04 flyer.

At church on Sunday (we are WELS Lutherans–very conservative) we had 6 young volunteers from Texas and Nebraska who were in Iowa for 72 hour effort.

DM Register reports that KE04 has significant advantage in absentee/early voting, however, word is that Dems were soliciting heavily with likely voters vs. Republicans who were looking for unlikely voters. We will see who shows up tomorrow at the polls.

All I hear from my friends is that the BC04 is that the ground game is a sight to behold. I am just not seeing it as a very interested person, but because of my job I cannot participate.

I would say that as I sit today, 50-50 chance in Iowa for BC04, at best.

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