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It’s kinda late, and I’ve been plowing through everyone’s comments on the latest debate in Iowa, and I’ve decided that I don’t want to know all that. I think we’re in grave danger of fulfilling the classic mistake of expertise: learning more and more about less and less until finally we know everything about nothing. We’re living in one of the most dangerous moments in history, and the great bulk of the efforts of lots of smart people has to do with the comments of some local adviser or staffer to some candidate or other in some small place. Yes, it may turn out that the destiny of mankind turned on those comments, but I doubt it. I mean, isn’t anyone worried about the big issue of the day? Are these baseball players getting anything remotely approaching due process? The Mitchell Report may be accurate, it may not. It certainly has no legal standing. I think it’s a giant copout by Major League Baseball, team by team. They’re the ones who should investigate their own employees, and dole out rewards and punishments. It’s one more grim step in turning over the country to the lawyers and the journalists, isn’t it? If I weren’t so sleepy I’d probably segue into my usual lament about the lack of decent libel laws in this country, but I’ll sign off with the thought that if you’re damaged by a false statement, you ought to have some recourse, and that you shouldn’t have to prove that your slimer had a particular nasty thought in his mind when he said/wrote the damaging words. The words should be enough proof.

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