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Iran & Iraq: I Wonder If Condi Still Feels the Same Way?

This was from the AP on May 23:

The US recognizes that Iran has a role to play in Iraq, but wants Teheran to help stabilize the country, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in an interview aired Tuesday on Arab television. Rice’s comments came ahead of planned talks between the United States and Iran over the situation in Iraq. “Iran will clearly play a role,” Rice told the Al-Arabiya satellite channel. “The question is: Will it be a positive role? Will it be a role that is befitting a good neighbor?” “If Iran chooses to play a stabilizing role, chooses to play a transparent role, chooses to play a neighborly role, that would be a very good thing for Iraq,” Rice said.

Yes, we should all rest assured it will be a very positive, transparent, stabilizing, neighborly role, just as it has been since spring 2003.  Meanwhile, Iran Focus reports that Ahmadinejad has invited Iraqi President Jalal Talabani to Iran.  (For several weeks, it has been speculated that Ahamdinejad would soon visit Baghdad.)  Ahmadinejad’s invitation was extended by the Iranian Ambassador Hassan Kazemi Qomi.  Before being Iran’s point-man in Iraq, Qomi was an officer in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.  One of his jobs there was liaison to Hezbollah. 



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