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Iran News Round Up

[Thanks to Ali Alfoneh for the compilation; (E) signifies English link]


  • Advar reports mass demonstrations against lack of electricity and drinking water in Shahr-e Pishva [City of the Führer] section of Varamin, south of Tehran.
  • Mohammad-Hassan Abou-Torabi, vice speaker of the Iranian parliament, says “we observe today a reflection of the method of government of Mahdi [Imam of the Era] in the shadow of the Supreme Leader of the country.”
    • Abu-Torabi added: “In the era of waiting, we see traces of the leadership of the awaited Mahdi in the leadership of Imam Khomeini and his legitimate follower the Supreme Leader [Khamenei] and this is part of the eternal knowledge and infinite light of that Imam.”
  • Judiciary Head Shahroudi condemns “false claims of contact with Imam of the Era.”
    • Grand Ayatollah San’ei condemns “instrumental use of the Imam of the Era for political ends,” which he describes as an act of “betrayal against the benign world reformer.”
  • Mo’etalefeh General Secretary says the Iranian government should not be afraid of criticism and stresses that not accepting criticism will lead to its downfall.
  • Tehran parliamentarian Gholam-Reza Mesbahi-Moghaddam says Rafsanjani’s comments on clerical intervention against election engineering and vote fraud necessitates a “well ordered relationship between the state apparatus and the theological seminaries.”
  • Cultural Affairs Committee of the Iranian parliament condemns vice president Mashayee’s hand of friendship to the people of Israel and says a policy of friendship has never been the policy of the Islamic Republic towards “occupiers of the Quds [Jerusalem].”
  • Ali Abbas-Pour Tehrani, chairman of the Higher Education Committee of the Iranian parliament, says his committee tasks parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani with investigating the much-discussed and apparently fraudulent Oxford degree of Interior Minister Ali Kordan.
  • Iranian president appoints Hakim Mowlana as his advisor.





  • (E) Iran to help establish security in the Caucasus.
  • Al-Dabbagh, spokesman of the Iraqi government, says Iran should not decide for Iraq.
  • Head of the Islamic Republic’s Interest Section in the United States says the discussion of establishment of a U.S. Interest Section in Iran is in a discussion made by the press and there has been no formal U.S. request. More here.
  • Tabnak News Agency, close to former Revolutionary Guards chief Mohsen Rezai, slams Saudi Al-Arabiya Television’s “Campaign against Iran.”
  • (E) Can an Iranian player join the NBA without violating sanctions?
  • (E) Expanding the South American Axis? Iran represented at Paraguayan president’s inauguration.

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  • Ali Abbas-Pour Tehrani, member of the Higher Education Committee of the Iranian parliament, says the early retirement scheme at Iranian universities is not a political purge of the universities.
    • Donya-ye Eqtesad, on the other hand, reports that the scheme has been discussed in the Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution in the Islamic Republic.

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