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  • At the convention of the executive directors of Taxi Driver Cooperatives in Iran, Seyyed Kazem Delkhosh:
    • Says the national budget is $280 billion,
    • Reports a ten-fold growth in imports
    • Claims more than 30 percent of the national budget is transferred to state owned enterprises which otherwise would have gone bankrupt.
    • Claimed an approximate of 3 million civil servants serve the state bureaucracy, and said the state could do away with half of them.
  • The Islamic Republic increases bank loans to the carpet industry.
  • Agah-Sazi reports beginning of 16 development projects in Chabahar.
  • According to Agah-Sazi, the Ahmadinejad government has withdrawn $6.1 billion from the foreign currency reserve in the past three years to continue its industrialization schemes.
  • Ahmadinejad claims Iran’s development during the past three years equals the country’s development during the previous 16 years.


  • Deputy petroleum minister Gholam-Hossein Nejabat says the Islamic Republic has attracted $4.5 billion in foreign investments in the petrochemical industry. Nejabat specified that the companies in question are from Japan, Thailand, the Phillipines, Indonesia, Oman, India, Venezuela, Iraq, United Arab Emirates and Germany.
    • Nejabat also expressed his expectations to raise $14 billion in investments for the Phase 2 of the Assalouyeh petrochemical development scheme. Mehr News Agency also reports signing of a contract between Damavand Petrochemical Company and the Italian WDT company.
  • (E) Iran denies importing wheat from United States.


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  • Shahab News publishes the names of the Iranians killed in the airline crash in Kyrgyzstan.


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