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  • Hojjat al-Eslam Ali Borhan, Friday prayer leader of Mahriz, says he and the authorities of Mahriz would not tolerate the presence of any woman dressed in manteau (sort of like a raincoat) rather than the traditional chador. The Friday prayer leader said that some people may get used to the presence of naked donkeys without getting sexually excited, but now that the people of Mahriz are used to see women dressed in chador, the manteau would instigate immorality. The Friday prayer leader also asked God almighty never to bring about the day at which a cinema is opened in Mahriz which surely would serve as a den of immorality, since the dark of the cinema could provide opportunity to exchange telephone number between young men and young women.
  • Judiciary Head Shahroudi says filtering of web sites by Iranian authorities “to the extent it is possible, should be done after a legal process.”
    • Asr-e Iran expresses hope that the Iranian authorities leave up to Shahroudi’s promise to filter websites through a predetermined legal process.
  • 95 percent of readers of Asr-e Iran demand resignation of the Islamic Republic’s Olympics chief whom they consider responsible for the poor performance of the Iranian delegation.
  • Ministry of Interior publishes a public communiqué with regulations of the Ramadan fasting.
  • Women demonstrate at the gates of the Iranian parliament protesting against “reform” of the family legislation of the Islamic Republic.
  • Chand-Zaneh [Polygamist] website starts its operations and discloses members of the parliament with more than one wife. The attacks are directed against Mohammad Movahed, parliamentarian from Behbahan; former officer in the Revolutionary Guards and current member of the parliament from Bonab and Malekan Salman Khodadadi, Mohammad-Karim Abedi from Ferdows, Tabas and Sarayan. According to the site, Abedi says he can justly and equally treat the three constituencies he represents in the parliament since he has good training in “equally and justly treating three wives.” The web site aslo outs Hamid-Reza Haji-Babayee, parliamentarian from Hamadan.




Nuclear Issue

  • Russia’s Nuclear Energy head visits Iran.
  • Intelligence Minister Ezheh-i claims that the Islamic Republic has brought all the major powers of the world to their knees. Referring to the 5+1 negotiations the intelligence minister says Iran has forced “6 world powers to sit in front of us [Iran], and we determine the conditions of the…negotiations.” Ezheh’i also warned against external enemies and their internal puppets: “Today, the enemy is expanding deviational movements and is propagating unbelief, and such thoughts are close to the thoughts of the enemy and the Devil…The enemy is propagating drug abuse and immorality in the country, or trying to propagate false mysticism and [false] sacred matters by the way of sending false prophets claiming to be the Imam of the Era or being in contact with the Imam of the Era. I wonder how come they manage to make some people follow them.”
  • (E) Dutch pull spies over expectation of strike on Iran.


  • Former chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines appointed ambassador to the Islamic Republic.
  • Elahe Koulayee, Iranian academic and Russian affairs expert, urges the Iranian leadership not to expect Russian support in the nuclear issue as a result of Iran’s support for Russia’s invasion of Georgia. Koulayee also says Russia will always pursue her grand national interests, in which Iran plays a very minor role.


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