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  • Rafsanjani speaking at the ‘Government, Administrative Order and Prospects’ seminar: “Bereave the people of their sovereignty if you want to bereave Islam of its soul…The Quranic verse, La Ikrah fi-l Din [there is no force in religion – the verse usually used by some interpretations to stress upon freedom of religion in Islam] can also be applied to politics, economy, and other matters…Man is born free, and we must return to the fundamental freedom of the people which was ensured by the Islamic Revolution…The trend towards sovereignty of the people has been the dominant trend in world affairs ever since the French revolution…According to the Quran, the blessed are those who use council 
  • Ahmadinejad’s second night meeting with student groups and organizations supporting the government is reported by Kargozaran: “A number of people attempt their best to impose crises upon the government…They want to weaken the government by engaging the government in tactical issues. But the government will never lose sight of the strategic issues…The government solely pursues justice…This year will be the year of harshest attacks against the government…Major international developments are in motion…World leadership in today’s world is not in the hands of international organizations, and like a domino bricks, the world orders are collapsing, and one can’t rule out possibility of social unrest in the world. All this is happening at a time, when the slogans provided by the Islamic Republic is being most welcomed in the entire world.”
  • Agah-Sazi elaborates upon reformist theoretician Said Hajjarian’s analysis of current affairs in the Islamic Republic, and concludes that Iran is developing towards “Bonapartisme.”
  • Fatemeh Rajabi, wife of the spokesman of the Iranian government, says it is still too early to say if Abbas Palizdar’s disclosures of economic corruption in the Islamic Republic serve noble purposes or not.
    • Judiciary head Shahroudi slams Palizdar’s disclosures of economic corruption in the Islamic Republic, says such acts serve the interests of those who want to harm Iran.
    • In a vague reference to Abbas Palizdar’s accusations against him, Ayatollah Makaram Shirazi stresses the importance of the unity, and urges the clergy to “preserve its integrity.”
    • Davood Ahmadinejad, brother of the Iranian president, and head of the special investigations office of the presidency condemns Abbas Palizdar and says: “With his lies, he has sparked off a crisis in the society.”
      • Davood Ahmadinejad also says everyone can say whatever he pleases, but that some of Palizdar’s claims were lies.
  • Asr-e Iran publishes some details on the flight of the first president of the Islamic Republic, Abol-Hassan Bani-Sadr from Iran.
  • Iranian academic Mahmoud Sari’ al-Qalam discusses reasons behind Iran’s political underdevelopment.

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  • According to Agah-Sazi, despite injection of oil income into the economy, unemployment has only been reduced by 0.3 percent.


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