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Iran News Round Up

(Thanks to Ali Alfoneh for his compilation)

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Military and Security

  • (E) Seymour Hersh reveals covert operations in Iran.
  • Agah-Sazi publishes an interview with the Gen. Ja’fari, chief of the Revolutionary Guard:
    • “The disperse character of the nuclear installations make them difficult targets for the enemy… America and Israel will need each other to deal with us… The Zionist regime can’t counter our missile capabilities, which makes Israeli strikes against us prohibitive… It’s only natural that Israeli attack against Iran will rally the revolutionary youth all over the Islamic world… It is very possible that an anti Zionist front will be made in Southern Lebanon [in case of Israeli attacks against Iranian nuclear installations]… Our scientific resources are very different than Iraq’s and Syria’s…Retaliation against Israel would be swift… Israel too small to constitute a threat against Iran, and it will be the U.S. which is the focal point…The U.S. is even more vulnerable than Israel because of the presence of U.S. soldiers in the region… In defense, the country will use any means [including the oil weapon]…The Revolutionary Guards has prepared for asymmetric warfare for years…One can’t rule out that Al Qaeda enjoys U.S. support even today [because of its anti-Shi’a character]… Basij is ready to continue its activities in various fields.”
    • Concedes that possibility of attacks against Iran has increased.
  • Commander Jazayeri, head of the Defense Cultural and Propaganda Office of the Armed Forces Command Council, says the U.S. crime of downing a civilian passenger plane in 1988 must not be forgotten.
    • (E) More, in English.
  • Reza Rezvani, public affairs officer for the Ashura Army, says the army unit’s operations have left many terrorists death in northwestern Iran.




Religion, Culture, and Society

  • Commenting on the suicide of three workers at the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, the Ministry claims their suicide was not due to poverty and, at any rate, one of the workers already had a weak heart.
  • Commander Baqerzadeh of the Foundation for Preservation and Publication of Values of the Sacred Defense announces “an emergency plan to establish graveyards for 320,000 fallen Iraqi soldiers (headline says enemy soldiers) in the border areas of Iran and Iraq.”

Human Rights and Labor


  • Critical television program, Glass Triangle, unexpectedly stops transmitting, may have been banned.

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