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Iran News Round Up

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  • Different political actors are readying themselves for the presidential elections:
    • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose campaign leader is Sadeq Mahsouli, presidential advisor, supported by “The Society of Self Sacrificers of the Islamic Revolution.”
    • Mohammad Khatami, supported by minority of the Kargozaran technocratic elites, Reformist Participation Party, and the Mojahedin-e Enghelab
    • Hassan Rowhani, Hassan Habibi, Nateq Nouri, Velayati, Larijani, Mousavi or Mohammad-Ali Najafi favored by more conservative majority of Kargozaran..
    • Qalibaf’s headquarters has been half operational for six months, and has become fully operational during the past couple of days.
    • Karrubi will run as the presidential candidate of The National Trust reformist party.
  • In Asr-e Iran’s online polling, Tehran mayor Qalibaf proves most popular while current president Ahmadinejad comes at third.
  • Ahmadinejad campaign advisor Bazrpash explains the Iranian president’s campaigning methods.
  • Morteza Alviri says Arak, Khorramabad and Khomein considered as alternatives to Tehran as capital of Iran.
  • Rahim-Ghorbani, governor of West Azerbaijan, is to be appointed as minister of roads and infrastructure.
    • According to Asr-e Iran, Chief of Road Police, Commander Rouyanian, to be appointed Minister of Roads and Infrastructure.
      • There are also rumors of appointing current labor minister Jaromi as minister of interior.
  • Abdolreza Rahmani-Fazli is appointed chief of Supreme Audit Court.
  • Tehran General Prosecutor Judge Razavi says 13 individuals have been arrested in the Palizdar case.


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  • Deputy general secretary of the National Trust Party, Rasoul Montajabnia says E’temad-e Melli has not been banned, but ”some try to make an impression of enmity between the government and the newspaper.”



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