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Iran News Round Up

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  • Jalili, secretary of Supreme National Security Council of the Islamic Republic, says his negotiations with Javier Solana in Geneva did not include any perspective deal on suspension of uranium enrichment.
    • Kayhan editor Shariatmadari, who speaks unofficially for the Supreme Leader, says U.S. presence in Geneva negotiations is a trap.
    • The Islamic Republic rejects the two weeks Solana gave for Iran to chose whether to accept the incentive package or not.
      • Dr. Rice says she has no patience for Iranian negotiator Jalili’s so called Iranian negotiation style.
        • Agah-Sazi News’ Mehdi Tajik says the Westerners are used to “fast food culture” and can’t be expected to accept patience demanded by the Islamic Republic’s representatives in nuclear negotiations in Geneva.
      • Alef News Agency publishes the Islamic Republic’s “Non-paper” describing Iran’s proposals.
    • Larijani: “Savagery of the United States has reduced the dignity of international organizations.” (E) In English.
    • The Justice-Seeking Student Movement arranges a seminar on “Relations with Satan
    • Turkey eager to mediate between the U.S. and Iran.
    • Agah-Sazi analyzes the Iranian press analysis of the first round of nuclear negotiations in Geneva.
  • Meeting several “Iraqi cultural figures,” Rafsanjani says the Iraqi people have passed a phase of authoritarianism and now experience a phase of foreign occupation. Rafsanjani continued that Iranian presence in Iraq would benefit both countries.
  • “34 bullets for the Pharaoh,” part two of the Iranian movie “Execution of the Pharaoh” about Anwar Sadat’s assassination will soon be released.
  • Ghashghavi, former ambassador to Sweden, appointed spokesman of the Foreign Ministry.
  • As a reaction to Rome Municipality’s consideration on changing the street name on which the Islamic Republic’s embassy is located into “July 1999 Street” to commemorate the student uprising in Iran, Tehran Municipality is considering to change the name of “Italy Street” in Tehran to “Edouardo Agnieli Street,” who the Iranians claim was killed by “Zionist agents.”



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