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Iran News Round Up

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Nuclear Issue

  • Ahmadinejad said “thousands of centrifuges are spinning in Iran… Iran is close to the peak of scientific advancements in the world… Enemies have been defeated in the nuclear issue.”
  • Ahmadinejad refuses the “suspension of uranium enrichment” for “suspension of economic sanctions” offered by the 5 1 Group.
  • Boroujerdi, chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee of the Iranian parliament, mentions a number of preconditions for negotiations should Barak Obama win the presidential elections. Kayhan editor Shariatmadari adds Obama must demonstrate that he is not a “Zionist agent” before Iran negotiates with him.
  • Hojjat al-Eslam Shafi’i-Kia says the smiles of Iranian nuclear negotiators like Rowhani and others has been answered with more Western demands and proposes a so-called “Karbala strategy” to end the issue once and for all.
  • Head of Iran’s Nuclear Energy Organization’s comments on “solving the nuclear issue as a means of solving the crisis in Lebanon and Iraq” infuriate Lebanese parliamentarians Fanjiyyah and Houri who claim this is the very proof of Iran holding Iraq and Lebanon hostage in the nuclear crisis between Iran and the West.

Politics: U.S. Presidential Campaign


  • Qalibaf and Khatami accelerate their presidential campaigns.
  • Principalist alliance member and chairman of the Cultural Affairs Committee of the Iranian parliament Emad Afrough says “religious Machiavellianism is on the rise” in Iran, and suggests the merger of some elements of the “reformist camp” with some elements from the Principalists’ alliance in the parliament.
    • Afrough also warned against “unethical political behavior among the clergy.”
  • Talking to the Office of the Strengthening of Unity student organization, Khatami interior minister and presidential hopeful Abdollah Nouri stress the importance of unity “to save the country from dangers.”
  • Tehran mayor Qalibaf gives a speech on the importance of combating air pollution in Tehran.
  • Yazd parliamentarian Owlia’e criticizes the president for “bypassing the Constitution” by not appointing an economy and finance minister and instead making the Supreme Leader allow extension of Semsami’s tenure as acting minister. 
  • National Trust Party’s number two Montajab Nia who earlier criticized ”abuse of religious millenarian beliefs by the president” is to publish a newspaper called Nasim-e Saba.
  • Parvin Ahmadinejad, the president’ sister, says she will donate to charity the car she won in a lottery.
  • Asr-e Iran wonders why cabinet members are dressed in coats in middle of the summer.

Religion, Culture, and Society

  • Ladies dressed in rain coats and headscarves are considered deficiently dressed and are barred from sitting in the first row of Vahdat Opera in Tehran. Ladies interested in the seats are urged to dress in black chador covering their entire body.
  • Talking to representatives of European Muslim youth organizations, Expediency Council chairman Rafsanjani says it is important that the students are active in the private sector.
  • Iranian mountaineers and local population of Damavand warn of signs of volcanic activity at Damavand, but authorities dismiss their observations as non-expert judgments.
  • Fars News slams “immoral behavior of Amir Kabir Technical University exchange students at the nightly parties of Birmingham University.” More.
  • (E) Chris de Burgh to give Tehran concert in November.



Human Rights and Labor

Military and Security

  • Jundallah terrorist group releases footage of execution of yet another pair of kidnapped Law Enforcement Forces hostages.

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