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Iran News Round Up

[Thanks to Ali Alfoneh for his compilation; (E) signifies English link]

Human Rights and Labor

Military and Security


  • Supreme Leader Khamenei talks to representatives of the foreign ministry and stresses their responsibility in defend the honor of the Islamic Republic.
  • Speaking at the conference of the ideological commissars of the Revolutionary Guards, Larijani praised the constant care of the Guards in guarding the revolution and its values. Larijani also claimed: “You should know that problem of the enemy is neither the nuclear issue nor the human rights issue, but the fact that Iran has developed into a regional power today to such a degree that even the defense secretary of the United States says that Iran has disrupted the regional balance of power.”
  • (E) Iranian unity will once again disappoint United States
  • Ahmadinejad’s deputy Esfandiar Rahim Mashayi repeats his controversial claim: “We are friends with the people of America and Israel,” and adds: “I am proud of my words and I don’t revise them but repeat them yet anther one thousands times. We like the majority of the people of the world, and it is something we are proud of since our beliefs and ideals are humanistic and we have no enemies among the masses of the peoples of the world.”
  • (E) Iran spares no effort to secure Iraq.


  • Mostafa Tajzadeh warns of the conspiracy of the “authoritarians” to bypass Mohammad Khatami and impose Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the Iranian population for a second term.
  • Mohammad-Reza Tajik asks how the Islamic Republic can survive if the United States no longer is present in the region to pose a danger to the Tehran regime, and expects creation of a “new America” as an artificial enemy.
  • Interior minister Ali Kordan says the media soon will publish his Oxford degree.
    • As the Interior Ministry publishes the Oxford University degree of the newly appointed interior minister Ali Kordan, Alef News Agency ridicules typing errors of the obviously fake degree. So does Asr-e Iran.
    • Apart from counting the spelling errors in the forged Oxford degree of the Islamic Republic’s interior minister, Entekhab News Agency also points out that the degree claims Kordan is an Oxford doctor from 2000, but the universities home page showing the entre list of Oxford graduates of the year 2000 does not include the name of the minister Ali Kordan. Entekhab News also wonders why the Interior Ministry yesterday claimed the degree has been signed by a certain Mr. Stephen Pringle of the Middle East Department of Oxford (here), but the degree shown to the Iranian press is signed by a R. E. Bryant from the Law Faculty of Oxford.
    • Ahmadinejad on the other hand says serving the Islamic Revolution does not necessitate “paper scraps” referring to the fake Oxford degree.
  • Minister of Education to be questioned by the parliament after the summer holidays.
  • Chief of Center for Preservation of the Works and Values of the Sacred Defense commander Bagherzadeh attacks the Iran Freedom Movement and claims the group’s activities questions the legitimacy of the Sacred Defense [Iran-Iraq war].

Religion, Politics, and Society

  • Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini, deputy Higher Education minister, says the scheme of cleansing the universities of elderly personnel has been welcomed by the academic force retiring from their positions at universities.
  • Tehran parliamentarian Ali Mottahari says presence of young boys and girls in perfume boutiques is a deviation from Islam, also warns against Latin signage on street signs in Iran.
  • Member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, Hassan Rahim-Pour Azghadi, condemns abuse of millenarian beliefs.
  • Olympics authorities say in case the Iranian swimmer’s lack of participation in the swimming contest in which Israel was present was not due to real illness but politically motivated, action would be taken against the Islamic Republic.




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