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Iran News Round Up

  • Iran arrests wife and sister of imprisoned labor leader for crime of trying to meet with U.N. High Commission for Human Rights during her Iran visit.
    • Bush continues silence on labor crackdown.
    • Condoleezza Rice has yet to issue a single statement on the labor crackdown.
    • UN silent.
  • Iran, Russia agree on completion of nuclear power plant.
  • Larijani: Agree with Iran’s position or risk nuclear talks’ progress.
    • “”Westerners should know that if they want to rock the boat, the progressive trend of the nuclear talks may change completely.”
  • Ahmadinejad: Iran to end factional struggles.
    • Supreme Leader denies any power struggles in Assembly of Experts.
    • Supreme Leader’s appointee condemns U.S.-funded Radio Farda for having the audacity to discuss factional discord.
  • Deputy FM, in Hong Kong, says Iran will guarantee foreign investment.
  • Photo of the Day: Trafficked foreign women and girls arrested in Tehran.

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