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Iran News Round Up

‐U.S. refuses visa to Iranian ambassador to UN in Generva.

‐Iranian-American hostage released on bail.

‐Parliamentary Speaker condemns Iranian “reformists” for meeting with John Kerry (in Davos).

‐Kerry only meets supporters of theocracy; refuses to meet dissidents and fails to speak out against imprisonment of Iranian labor activists.

‐Iranian labor leaders remained imprisoned; no State Department, White House official, or Presidential candidates have commented.

‐Iran seeks to use Germany as a lever against U.S.-EU unity on nuclear issue.

‐Pakistani strategy expert wants Islamabad to side with Iran on nuclear issue.

‐Iran to sponsor “Qods Day” to call for Jerusalem’s liberation on Oct. 5.

‐Iranian news continue stories of jet fighter’s success.

‐Head of Air Force plans retaliatory strikes against Israel. Would mean violating Iraqi or Saudi air space.

Housing shortage in Iran?  16 million units when 17.5 million needed?

‐Iranian-Senegalese judicial cooperation?

‐Iranian Minister of Islamic Guidance and Culture welcomed to Spain.

‐Will Iran change its banking system?

‐Picture of the Day: Funeral of Ayatollah Murteza Asgari in Qom.

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