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Iran News Round Up

·         U.S. refuses visa to Iranian ambassador to UN in Generva.

·         Iranian-American hostage released on bail.

o   Parliamentary Speaker condemns Iranian “reformists” for meeting with John Kerry (in Davos).

§  Kerry only meets supporters of theocracy; refuses to meet dissidents and fails to speak out against imprisonment of Iranian labor activists.

·         Iranian labor leaders remained imprisoned; no State Department, White House official, or Presidential candidates have commented.

·         Iran seeks to use Germany as a lever against U.S.-EU unity on nuclear issue.

o   Pakistani strategy expert wants Islamabad to side with Iran on nuclear issue.

·         Iran to sponsor “Qods Day” to call for Jerusalem’s liberation on Oct. 5.

·         Iranian news continue stories of jet fighter’s success.

o   Head of Air Force plans retaliatory strikes against Israel.

§  Would mean violating Iraqi or Saudi air space.

·         Housing shortage in Iran?  16 million units when 17.5 million needed?

·         Iranian-Senegalese judicial cooperation?

·         Iranian Minister of Islamic Guidance and Culture welcomed to Spain.

·         Will Iran change its banking system?

·         Picture of the Day: Funeral of Ayatollah Murteza Asgari in Qom.

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