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Iran News Round Up

(Thanks to Ali Alfoneh for his assistance in compiling)

  • Ahmadinejad lashes out at U.S.
    • On his Columbia speech: “The Zionists wanted to turn the event into a trial of the Islamic Republic of Iran, but with help from the Almighty God, the plot turned into a scene in which nations could express their hatred with the rulers in the White House.”
    • On the U.S. as a dictatorship: “The behavior of the government and media in the US shows that there is dictatorship in that country and people are not allowed to know the facts.”
    • On Israel: “The Zionists, who always wanted a country from the Nile to the Euphrates, are now happy with establishing their illegal authority in a small part of Palestine. This is because they have been slapped at face by the believers.”
  • Iranian Foreign Ministry lashes out at France, but a bit more discreetly.
  • Sugar factory workers’ protest continues.
    • Bush administration maintains silence as more labor union leaders imprisoned, tortured.
    • Major Democrats, too, refuse to stand up for Iranian labor
  • Ahmad Ghabel, brother of the political prisoner Hadi Ghabel, prevented from making a speech at the Hosseiniyeh-ye Ershad
  • The “reformist” camp of the Islamic Republic endorses the IRGC.
    • Former Parliamentary Speaker Mehdi Karrubi: “When it comes to the campaign against the world arrogance, for instance, we should all be with each other because [The Americans] hatch plots against all of us.”
  • Turkey will sign a $3.5 billion energy deal with Iran. More, in Persian. And in Turkish press.
    • Deputy of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan congratulates the “Qods [Jerusalem] Day” saying “Muslims should use more than only one day per year thinking about Qods.”
      • Condoleezza Rice praised Erdogan’s political party as moderate.
  • Indian firm to help Iran build $2.3 billion petrochemical complex.
  • Palestinian ambassador in Tehran dismisses U.S. peace conference.
    • “Zionist regime, this enemy of mankind, will be defeated soon and Palestine will eventually return to the Islamic Umma (nation).”
  • Hardline criticism of Luciano Benetton, “the Zionist billionaire” whose United Colors of Benetton has been active in Iran for Seven years
  • Picture of the Day: Praying during the 21st night of Ramadan.

Michael Rubin is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, senior lecturer at the Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Civil-Military Relations, and a senior editor of the Middle East Quarterly.


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