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Iran News Round Up


  • “Supreme Leader gives 100 percent support (.pdf) to [Ahmadinejad’s] government,” writes Partov-e Sokhan [mouth piece of hardline cleric Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi].
  • Seyyed Hasan Khomeini, grandson of the founder of the Islamic Republic: “The armed forces should not become an instrument in the hands of the politicians.”

Foreign Investment

  • Tehran Municipality to buy German monorail with no bid process.
  • Minister of Labour: Iran needs of $4 billion in foreign investment to create jobs.”
  • Ultimatum to France’s Total and Netherland’s Royal Dutch Shell.


  • University of Tehran professor Elahe Koulai: “Iran should not pay the price of the collapse of the Soviet Union [when it comes to division of the Caspian Sea]… Russia utilizes the conflict between Iran and the European Union to extract concessions from Iran.”
  • Rafsanjani, whom many in the State Department see as a potential pragmatic partner: “American tax payers receive their sons in body bag as souvenir from Iraq.”
  • Putin says dialogue with Iran more effective than sanctions
  • Ahmadinejad denies receiving any nuclear proposal from Putin.
    • Background: See Oct. 18 Iran News Round Up.
  • Headline: “Putin: Iran is a world power;” invites Ahmadinejad to Kremlin.
  • White House backs away from Bush’s reference to “World War III”—it was just “bombast

Human Rights and Labor


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