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Iran News Round Up

(Thanks to Ali Alfoneh for his assistance in compiling)

Nuclear Issue

  • Former foreign minister Ali Akbar Velayati: “The National Intelligence Estimate will not change our strategic approach.”
  • Rashid Jalali Ja’fari, member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Iranian parliament: “[After the publication of] The National Security Estimate… there no longer is any ground for a third round of sanctions against Iran.”
  • Ali Larijani, former secretary of Supreme National Security Council of the Islamic Republic: “The National Intelligence Estimate shows that Iran has chosen the right strategy.”
  • Tabnak’s analysis of the National Intelligence Estimate: “The report shows that the Bush-administration has been forced to change strategy towards Iran… But the fact that the document is very unclear serves the purpose of providing the administration with a means of interpreting it the way it pleases.”

Economics and Trade

  • Tabnak reports of extensive smuggling of gasoline to Afghanistan and Pakistan from Iranian Baluchistan.



  • “Strengthening national unity is the way to achieve international objectives,” says Velayati.

Religion, Society, and Culture

  • Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani attacks moderate Sufi leaders.
  • The Special Court of Clergy to judge the reformist religious thinker Hadi Qabel soon.
  • Ansar-e Hezbollah vigilante group demonstrate in front of Cafe Fenjoun in Tehran, claiming the cafe is involved in “prostitution and wounding the religious sentiments of the public.”
  • Referencing the teddy bear named Muhammad in the Sudan, Ayatollah Lotfi Golpayegani: “The enemy is trying to annihilate our religion by assassinating the character of our Prophet.”
  • Government demolishes 2,200-year-old bridge.

Human Rights and Labor

  • Twenty years old Makvan Moloud-Zadeh, convicted of rape at the age of 13, executed in the prison of Kermanshah, despite the fact that families of the rape victims have witnessed that Moloud-Zadeh’s relation with another boy had been “mutually consensual,” and his that confessions were forced under torture. Human Rights Watch believes Moloud-Zadeh has been executed because he is homosexual.

Picture of the Day

  • Ahmadinejad speaks to families of martyrs in Ilam.

Michael Rubin is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, senior lecturer at the Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Civil-Military Relations, and a senior editor of the Middle East Quarterly.


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