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Iran News Round Up

(Thanks to Ali Alfoneh for his compilation)


  • In the aftermath of the deaths of between 3 and 10 people protesting because of rumors that Daryoush Ghanbari’s election victory was cancelled, Agahsazi stresses the necessity of “identifying the visible and invisible hands responsible for inciting the people into riots and deal with them decisively.” 
  • Saidi, the representative of the Supreme Leader in the Revolutionary Guards: “Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi’s points of view are the closest ones among the viewpoints of the Holy Warriors to the viewpoints of Grand Ayatollah Khomeini.”
  • Iranian economist and current member of the Iranian parliament, Mohammad Khosh-Chehreh: “In the Evin constituency of Tehran in which I, and my own family reside and voted [at the second round of parliamentary elections on April 25, 2008], they claim I have received zero votes!”
  • Public Relation office of the reformist Participation Front protests against Iran’s forgery of words of the reformist party’s general secretary in the newspaper on election day.


  • The ministry of trade asks the public to identify expensive bakers to the authorities, but Alef News Agency discloses that the ministry has in effect already accepted a multiple bread price policy in Tehran, which has been divided into affluent, middle class and poor neighborhoods. In low income neighborhoods the flour is delivered to the bakers at extra subsidized prices, while bakeries in more affluent neighborhoods receive more expensive flour, which results in prices up to 50 to 100 percent more expensive than last year.
  • Ayatollah Javadi Amoli: “Inflation and rising prices exist.”


Military and Security

  • Responding to a journalist’s claim that there are 5,000 members of the Revolutionary Guards in Lebanon, Hosseini, spokesman of the ministry of foreign affairs, said “There is no Guards corps there, if there are, let them deport them.”
  • Egyptian official daily Al Ahram claims the Islamic Republic is helping Hamas to build an unmanned bomber drone.
  • Rahim Safavi, former commander in chief of the Revolutionary Guard: “Oil and gas are the instruments of power of Islamic countries.”
  • Speaker of the Iranian parliament Haddad Adel stresses the importance of the strength of the Law Enforcement Forces.
  • Ahmadinejad’s proposal for subjugation of the Pupil’s Basij to the Revolutionary Guards and its removal from its current organizational position under the ministry of education is defeated by one vote in the Iranian parliament.


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