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Iran News Round Up

(Thanks to Ali Alfoneh for his compilation)


  • Council of Guardians spokesman says the results of the second round of parliamentary elections in Tehran constituencies are correct; he disputes the reformist candidates who have questioned the elections.
  • Parliamentarian Adel Azar says the gap between rich and poor has widened during the last parliament, and the government has not been able to fulfill its promises.
    • Parliamentarian from Qaem-Shahr says people have become more impoverished during the last parliamentary session.
  • Reformist candidates say they will abstain from voting during the elections for the speaker of the parliament for which Larijani and Haddad-Adel compete.
  • Aftab-e Yazd editorializes: “What difference does it make (.pdf) for the reformists who becomes the speaker of the parliament?”
  • Aftab-e Yazd editorializes: “This government came to power by promising to bring oil money into the tables of the people… but the kindness of the government has only reached foreigners… this government is capitulating to other littoral states of the Caspian Sea, giving up Iranian maritime territory… and taking British sailors hostage was another sign of the kindness of this government to foreigners…”
  • Aftab-e Yazd editorializes: “The Iranian president writes to his spokesman of the government that we will face a difficult year…But who is responsible for the difficulties?”
  • General Secretary of Mardomsalari Faction says the Hojjatiyeh secret society is aiming at the Line of the Imam [Khomeini].
  • Seyyed Mostafa Mir-Lowhi, head of the public relations office of the Imam Sadeq University, disputes earlier reports that claimed Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani criticized the Iranian president during his ethics class at the university.
  • Amir Kabir University student journal publishes the names of executives under 30 years old, appointed by the Ahmadinejad government: Mehrdad Bazrpash, 25 year-old former Student Basij member at Sharif University. Massih Mashhadi Tafreshi, executive at Pars Khodro, born in 1981. Ali Saleh-Abadi, head of the stock exchange organization, born in 1979…



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Nuclear Issue

  • The Islamic Republic’s ambassador to France: “Iran ready to study all proposals in the nuclear issue.”
  • Ali Larijani: “Russia is pursuing her own interests, but let’s not make it [Russia’s endorsement of sanctions against the Islamic Republic” bigger than it really is.”

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