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Iran News Round Up

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  • The doors to the Iranian parliament are reprogrammed in such a way that once the parliamentarians have used their electronic card to get in, they can’t leave the building before the session is over. This measure is taken to reduce the “anarchy” and problems with insufficient parliamentarian presence.
  • Abdollah Shahbazi, official historian of the Islamic Republic, continues his polemics with Hojjat al-Eslam Rouhollah Hosseinian: “Ever since [the last prime minister of the Shah, Dr.] Shapour Bakhtiar was killed, I analyzed the murder as the work of the Israeli intelligence service, and today I know that the Supreme Leader of the Revolution has taken a similar stance. And when Dr. Ahmadinejad appointed Mr. Pour-Mohammadi to be minister of interior, in an influential article, I explained his role in inviting English-Zionist companies to Iran… I believe the sudden anger of Mr. Hosseinian and his friends against me is due to this…”
  • Tehran mayor Qalibaf publishes his notes from his visit to Qom.
  • Rouhollah Hosseinian considers Ali Larijani the man who can solve the crises of the Islamic Republic.
  • More reporting on the Iranian president’s recent meeting with student leaders supporting the government.
  • Isargaran-e Iran-e Eslami parliamentary faction choose their central committee.
  • The Iranian president officially appoints Seyyed Mehdi Hashemi as acting minister of interior.
  • Student Basij at Tehran University invites Hojjat al-Eslam Rouhollah Hosseinian to deliver a speech on “the other side of the Khordad 2nd [reform movement.]
  • The results from the second round of parliamentary elections in Lordegan province, which resulted in revolts and left many dead and wounded in street fights, are annulled.
  • Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani defends his earlier harsh criticism of Ahmadinejad, but adds the government also “deserves support.”
  • Outgoing parliamentarian, Mehr-Angiz Morovatti: “Low election participation in big cities should be a warning for the regime.”
  • After senior presidential advisor Mojtaba Samareh Hashemi says “the government has never promised to bring the oil money onto the tables of the people,” E’temad Melli republishes newspaper headlines with the Iranian president making that promises.




  • Russia takes step to improve security for Russians in Iran after Iran’s intelligence ministry reports that “a terrorist plot against the Russian consulate has been foiled.”
  • Asr-e Iran claims Islamic Republic authorities consider different measures to repossess a 20 hectare garden in Tehran in which the British embassy resides.
  • Iraqi president says the U.S. and Iraq have accepted formation of a tripartite committee with Iran.
  • UN condemns attack on Iranian diplomats in Iraq.

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  • Official Iranian press features Holocaust denial; denies against gas chambers at Aushwitz
  • Agah-Sazi news agency publishes a small piece from Majnoun weekly, in which the writer says most intellectuals and men of money in the world are Jews. Therefore, the Hezbollahi elements within the Islamic Republic of Iran power structure should pursue business or engage in intellectual affairs to counter them, rather than doing body searches of ordinary citizens in the streets.
  • The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance publishes annual report.
  • The Iranian president orders census on nomadic populations of Iran.
  • Rafsanjani says dismantlement of Iran Azad University will leave half of the students in the country without an educational institution.
  • With 411,848 illiterates in the age group 10 to 49, the Iranian capital Tehran ranks second in illiteracy in total numbers, next after Sistan va Baluchestan province.
  • Commander Zare’i, former head of the Law Enforcement Forces of Greater Tehran, defends himself against allegations of frequenting prostitutes. Confessing “acquaintance with the person involved,” the commanders says he has arranged for “marriages through internet chat,” and claims his permanent wife was aware of her husband’s multiple marriages.


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