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  • Ghera’ati, head of the Headquarters for Friday Prayers in Iran, says the Imam of the Era is “an international personality,” and claims the reason behind his occultation is “lack of precondition for emergence.” Ghera’ati also said sports cups and other prizes for competition are devoid of “logical advantages” and that the Prophet’s tradition of giving date palms and camels is much better.
  • The Iranian Academy of Language introduces new words in Persian to protect the language against influx of foreign words.
  • Heidar Moslehi, had of the Awqaf charitable foundations, claims the 1979 revolution was the “minor emergence of the Imam of the Era.”
  • Law Enforcement Forces announce harsh actions to be taken against those not respecting the fasting month of Ramadan.
  • Tehran City Council to expand Khavaran cemetery, the resting place of the victims of the mass executions of 1988.

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