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Religion, Culture, and Society


  • Tabnak News Agency, close to former IRGC chief Rezai, accuses the United States of seeking to transform Afghanistan in to a “new Andalusia” by “conversion of the Afghans to Christianity…and corrupting the Afghans morally.”
  • Speaking with visiting former statesmen in Tehran, including Kofi Annan, Ahmadinejad said there would not be regional security until non-regional powers [i.e., the United States] leave.
  • Shahab News surveys anti-Iranian propaganda in Iraqi newspapers and television.
  • Rafsanjani warns against “British attempts to take our scientists from us,” elaborates upon the “long history of British colonialism” and praises Mosaddeq.”
  • The Revolutionary Guards mouthpiece Sobh-e Sadeq weekly assesses regional affairs: 1. “[In Egypt] 300 members of the Jama’at al-Islamiyyah Jihadist organization who were involved in Sadat’s assasination have recently been freed from imprisonment. 2. Saudi Arabia is spending considerable amounts to propagate Salafism in Egypt and other countries of the region and even supports the Egyptian government in the recent economic crisis. The two countries have otherwise been historical rivals…3. Sheikh Qaradawi…forgets all about other problems and contributes to Shi’a/Sunni divide…4. The U.S. is improving relations with the Taliban…5. Palestinian groups are becoming more radicalized, even in Syria…6. Bahrain’s foreign minister…has called for a regional security order including the Arab states, Turkey, Iran and Israel…This all shows U.S. defeat in its attempts to isolate Iran.”
  • (E) Hassan Kazemi Qomi, IRGC Qods force member and ambassador to Iraq, says U.S. anti-Iran propaganda is futile.
  • Sobh-e Sadeq refutes Saudi Al-Jazeera’s claim that the Islamic Republic utilizes its embassies in Arab states to “propagate Shi’ism.”

Military and Security


Nuclear Issue

  • (E) Iran hails progress in Bushehr nuclear plant.

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