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  • Hojjat al-Eslam Rowhani attacks the housing politics of the Ahmadinejad government.
  • Mosharekat reformist faction Azar Mansouri says Mahsouli will not achieve a vote of confidence.
    • Fatemeh Amirani, a parliamentarian and widow of the martyr Hamid Bakeri, starts a campaign against Sadeq Mahsoul, Ahmadinejad’s candidate for the Interior Ministry: “I have known him since 1981. Back then he was governor of Urumiyeh [where Ahmadinejad also served as governor] and martyr Mehdi Bakeri served as the mayor of this town…People like Mahsoli, Fattah and Ahmadinejad who served as governors in different towns of Azerbaijan right after the revolution and constituted an exclusive cell…”
      • Mrs. Amirani also says she has delivered a letter written by Sadeq Mahsouli in which Mahsouli claims Hamid Bakeri has not served as chief of the Revolutionary Guard Ashoura Army.
    • Agah-Sazi publishes background on Mahsouli: “Sadeq Mahsouli is one of Ahmadinejad’s oldest friends and their friendship can be tracked back to the Islamic Association of the Science and Technology University.
      • When Ahmadinejad began working at the university, Sadeq Mahsouli left the Revolutionary Guards and began working in private sector real estate and construction business.
      • Prior to this, Sadeq Mahsouli was active in commerce and oil. Ahmadinejad tried to appoint Mahsouli as his candidate for the Oil Ministry, but Mahsouli’s lack of education and rumors on his $100 billion capital and attempts by parliamentarians such as Emad Afrough never let him achieve a vote of confidence.”
  • Revolutionary Guard commander Ali-Reza Afshar defends presence of IRGC members in Iranian politics.

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