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Iran and Afghanistan

  • 1. Establishment of an indigenous, popular, alliance-based and non-irritating government for the Islamic Republic
  • 2. Securing and strengthening of border security
  • 3. Prevention of narcotics production and export
  • 4. Securing ethnic and sectarian freedom, prevention of establishment of bases for counterrevolutionaries and enemies of the Islamic Republic on Afghan soil.”


  • Rafsanjani says there is no reason why Iranians should not be among the richest people in the world or be a role model for the entire world.
  • Ahmad Tavakkoli, head of the Iranian Parliament’s Research Center: “Some parliamentarians don’t think about what benefits the economy of the country…and in order to get votes promise all sorts of thinks financed by the foreign exchange reserve.”
  • Sobh-e Sadeq publishes an interview with commander Hassan Zolghadr-Nia, deputy coordination chief of the Revolutionary Guards’ contracting arm, Khatam al-Anbia Construction Base:
    • “The Construction Base has finished more than 2,000 projects and is currently engaged in more than one thousand projects…Khatam al-Anbia has also been engaged in projects in Syria, Iraq, Guinea, Malaysia,  Sudan and the like…Projects such as the Zarghan railways in Shiraz, the Sirjan Dam, natural gas pipeline of Khonj, oil pipeline from Veres to Tehran, and the like are public projects granted to the Construction Base…Khatam al-Anbia’s projects are today done only with Revolutionary Guard labor. In the beginning some experts from outside the Guards were invited but during the years the Revolutionary Guard has developed that expertise…There is no Basij labor in the Khatam al-Anbia…But the Construction Jihad and the Construction Base cooperate…”


Military and Security

Nuclear Issue

  • International deputy of the Islamic Republic Nuclear Energy Organization says 5000 centrifuges are spinning in Natanz and that the dome of the reactor in Arak is also complete.


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