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Iran News Round Up


  • Khamenei also praised the attack against the U.S. Den of Espionage [the U.S. embassy in Tehran] in 1979 and said the enmity between the U.S. and Iran is because the revolution of 1979 became the most important example of “resistance against U.S. imperialism.”

    • Khamenei added that the take over of the U.S. embassy was a “second revolution more important than the first revolution because it did away with the international prestige of the U.S.” More.

  • Inflammatory speech by Mostafa Kavakebian stirs angry protest by Ahmadinejad’s supporters in Parliament. Referring to Iran’s failure to win a seat in the U.N. Security Council, Kavakebian, the secretary-general of the Mardom-Salari party from Semnan in central Iran, said: “If the U.N. organizational structure is described as handicapped, why did you try to become a non-permanent member of the Security Council? Is it not an indication of weak diplomacy?” He also blamed the government for abject poverty, spiraling inflation, deteriorating living conditions and rising liquidation of assets crippling Iranian economy.

  • Ahmadinejad expresses view on world financial crisis. Speaking in the capital of Iran’s Lorestan Province, the president said, “The world economy can no longer afford to absorb the U.S. counterfeit dollar bills and this has caused a return of inflation inside America.” He added: “America has plundered a sum of $1,500 from every individual living on the earth. Yet, over 80 million Americans live under the poverty line and the country is in deep debt up to over $59 trillion.”

  • Larijani to visit Beirut?

  • Iran and China sign a memorandum of cultural understanding.

  • The opposition leader in Solomon Islands condemns bilateral relations with Iran.




  • Khamenei describes early electoral campaign as detrimental. “All activities related to elections are of the great essence in the run-up to the polls. Some, however, have hastily begun election campaigns by now. These premature electoral struggles cause a diversion of attention from core issues, ignite confrontations between individuals, and trigger a blame game. This is not in the interest of the nation,” Iran’s supreme leader has said.

  • Member of Parliament beats government’s envoy over Kordan’s impeachment.

    • An MP from Tehran is reported to have physically assaulted Mohammad Abbasi, the head of the Government’s Office in Parliament, when Abbasi was discussing the issue of Interior Minister Ali Kordan’s impeachment with a number of lawmakers.

    • The government representative has reportedly been distributing checks of five million tomans ($5215) to lawmakers in an effort to secure their support against Kordan’s impeachment by Parliament scheduled for next month.

    • Tehran MP Avaz Heidarpour, however, denied having attacked the government official. He accused Abbasi of paying bribes to lawmakers under the name of assistance to mosques, encouraging opposition MPs to withdraw support from impeaching the interior minister.

      • Rahimi, Ahmadinejad’s deputy and a parliamentarian, also reportedly has a fake Ph.D. similar to Kordan’s. Rahimi reportedly presented the parliamentarians with a petition to provide mosques with 50,000,000 rials, but the parliamentarians were asked to sign two different pieces of paper: The second was a declaration of abstention from impeaching the interior minister.

        • Fars News Agency denies the report

    • Abrar reports Interior Minister Ali Kordan is likely to resign to avoid impeachment.

    • Ahmad Tavakkoli calls on Kordan to resign. Interior Minister Ali Kordan is impeached by the Parliament over allegations of his fake credentials. The minister has recently refused to offer resignation, reasoning that it is not in the interest of the nation. Tavakkoli, a conservative MP from Tehran and director of Strategic Majlis Research Center, refuted the minister’s assertions and said, “Kordan should not have been appointed minister at the first place.”

  • Parliamentarian Kamran, who first disclosed the secret cash subsidies paid to parliamentarians, will go to trial for his crime.

  • The Guardian Council appoints ten members to the presidential elections supervisory committee: Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zadeh, Hojjat al-slam Abbas Ka’bi, Hojjat al-Eslam Ahmad Salak, Seyyed Fazl-Allah Mousvi, Abbas-Ali Kadkhodayee, Mohammad-Reza Mir-Shamsi.

    • Deputy Interior Minister Kamran Danehjou: “It is not so much the multi-polarity of elections which is important, but the health of the elections.”

Religion, Culture, and Society

  • Time Institute’s ranking of leading world universities places Tehran University Medical Department 485 out of 500; Sharif University ranks 586.

  • Education minister Ali-Reza Ali-Ahmadi: “In Tehran, just in front of the main entry of the Imam-e Sadeq University, there is school which is even worse than tent schools [in the rural areas]. Now, when we have such schools in front of our own eyes, once can well imagine existence of such poor standards all over the country.”

  • Ahmadinejad to the clergy in Lorestan: “The highest responsibility of [religious] propagation is nothing but relating the hearts of the people to the Imam of the Era… After centuries of oblivion, the name of the Imam of the Era has been propagated all over the world and this is the highest of all honors…Materialism has reached a dead end…”

  • Dinosaur foot prints in Kerman may be destroyed.


  • Deputy energy minister Abbas Ali-Abai welcomes “German interest in investments in renewable energy sector.”


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