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Iranian Bloggers Under Torture

Jeff Jarvis has posted a translation of an article by perhaps the most famous Iranian blogger–a former vice president of the regime itself–which recounts acts of systematic violence and humiliation against Iranian bloggers.

Here’s the post.

As we should have learned a long time ago, evil regimes like that of the mullahs hate sunlight. It is incumbent on everyone who can, to yell and keep yelling about the rotten practices of the Iranian tyrants. Hey, even the United Nations General Assembly condemned the bastards a couple of days ago.

If we yell loud enough, perhaps we can save a few bloggers, and deter future assaults, although it’s more likely we will have to keep yelling until there’s an Orange Revolution in Tehran.

Michael Ledeen — Michael Ledeen is an American historian, philosopher, foreign-policy analyst, and writer. He is a former consultant to the National Security Council, the Department of State, and the Department of Defense. ...

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