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Iranian News Agency Leaks Iranian Press Guideline

Just thought this was interesting: Alef News Agency has published a list of guidelines agreed at a closed session of Iran’s Press and Mass Media Directorate (inside the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance). The “impermissible acts” ahead of the election include:

1. Release of any news about popular boycotts of elections, decreased popular participation in elections, publication of logos of proponents of boycott of the elections (counter revolutionary propaganda) and providing a link to such materials.

2. Release of insulting materials with regard to the elections and candidates.

3. Character assassination of the candidates, personalities and movements related to the elections.

4. Release of any news which disrupts the elections.

5. Release of lies with regard to which candidates qualify for running for president [by the Guardian Council], releasing of news regarding counting of the votes, releasing news of election fraud or irregularity, news with regard to abstention of the candidates to run for president, release of election opinion polls, and the like.

6. Release of the names and reasons behind disqualification of candidates without their written permission.

7. Disclosing the number of voters and release of information about complains and name of those against whom there are complaints filed before the legal process.

8. Disclosure of classified materials of the election authorities.

9. Announcing purchase of the vote and other fraud methods.

10. Instrumental use of picture of women and lack of adherence to Islamic behavior in internet electioneering.

11. Release of announcement of illegal groups and publication of counter revolutionary comments about the elections.

12. Campaigning prior to the authorized date.

13. Disclosure of the opinions of personalities of the regime without their permission and consent.

14. Abuse of names with similarity to the names of the personalities of the regime.

15. Abuse of statements of the groups.

16. Disclosures about the private sphere of the candidates and their family affairs.

17. Use of publicly-owned servers and internet sites to propagate on behalf of certain candidates.

18. Releasing false information about the candidates such as background and academic degrees which are unreal.

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