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Several readers have asked why we in the Corner or at NRO aren’t talking about the attacks on our troops in Iraq more. It’s an interesting question (although I should note there’s virtually no editorial collaboration for what goes in the Corner). Speaking solely for myself, I guess the reason I haven’t said anything about it is that I don’t know what to say. We all knew that the “peace” would be harder than the war. There was consensus on that among hawks and (most) doves alike. Personally, I suspect it’s all coordinated and the capture of Saddam and/or a sudden change in Iran might result in the whole “resistance” evaporating. Also, there’s a line from the current cover story in the Atlantic which seems relevant. A special forces officer says of those who want to cut and run in circumstances like this — I’m quoting from memory — “If some firemen die putting out a fire, should we just let the building burn?”

If we need more troops, let’s send more troops. But the consequences of screwing this up or bugging out would be far worse than anything we’re seeing now.


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