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Iraq: Then and Now

On Uncommon Knowledge this week, one of the most outspoken and controversial foreign policy experts in the nation, John Bolton.  Now a  senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, Bolton served in the Bush administration as Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security.  When the president nominated Bolton to serve as our ambassador to the United Nations, the Senate refused to confirm him.  Set on the idea that Bolton would be the next ambassador to the UN, Senate approval or not, Bush declared Bolton a “recess appointment.”  Bolton served as our UN ambassador for just over 16 months.  Bolton spent his time in Manhattan denouncing tyrants, ridiculing the UN bureaucracy, and making it very clear that he considered the United States of America more of a force for good in the world than the United Nations had ever been. 

Today on Uncommon Knowledge, Bolton addresses Iraq.  What, I ask, should President Obama do first?  Bolton’s answer: 

“Declare victory.”

 To watch the ambassador expand on that answer, click here.


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