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The Iraq War Is Helping Al Qaeda

That’s how this terrorism study from the International Institute of Strategic Studies is being played. In addition to warnings of a possible attack this summer, CBS and others are claiming that there are 18,000 Al Qaeda terrorists at large and “its ranks are growing because of the conflict in Iraq.”

Oh, really? Then explain this observation from the same story:

“The estimate of 18,000 fighters was based on intelligence estimates that al Qaeda trained at least 20,000 fighters in its training camps in Afghanistan before the United States and its allies ousted the Taliban regime. In the ensuing war on terror, some 2,000 al Qaeda fighters have been killed or captured, the survey said.”

So there were 20,000 before we went into Iraq, but 18,000 now…and this is supposed to be “growing?” And where is it that these 18,000 terrorists are training, planning or getting medical care? It used to be Afghanistan and Iraq.

Today, Al Qaeda members are reportedly flocking to Iraq for the chance to get killed by our soldiers and marines. This is definitely progress, but not for the terrorists.

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