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Irish Washerwoman

More lyrics. I like this one, which sounds authentically Irish (though there is probably a Sicilian version, too):

Your aunt and your uncle, your father and mother,

Your grandmother, grandfather, sister and brother,

I killed every one and I killed every other,

I’ve killed everyone in your family but you.

Meanwhile, from the ivied towers of Academe:  “Derb — When I was at Penn State the young ladies from Kappa Kappa Gamma would have their pledges parade around campus singing, to that tune:

Kappa Kappa

Kappa Gamma,

I’m so happy that I am a

Kappa Kappa

Kappa Gamma,

You don’t know how happy I am.”

[Me]  It seems to me to be short a few syllables, but perhaps the ladies added grace notes.


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